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A Short History of Postal Banking – from

Postal Banking provides an alternative to the usury that pay-day lenders are now practicing on the Americans that can least afford to pay the exorbitant interest rates these lenders are charging. The following article, pulled from the pages of, looks at the history of Postal Banking and how it can provide relief to these […]

A Post Office Bank — An Institution that Could Greatly Reduce the Usury of Predatory Lenders

A concept that is very closely related to a Public Bank is that of a Post Office Bank. They are both institutions that can help wrestle power away from the big Wall Street Banks and better support Main Street. Post Office Banks could be part of the transformation of our financial sector by providing services […]

Philadelphia Symposium on Public Banking — Public Banks for Public Works: Banking on the Common Wealth — October 18, 2014

Pennsylvania Public Bank Project and the Public Banking Institute together presented a national public banking symposium, Public Banks for Public Works: Banking in the Common Wealth — A symposium to educate and inform the citizens of Pennsylvania and its neighbors about the role a public bank could play in supporting an economy that serves us […]