UPCOMING EVENT: Public Banking on the March! From Austerity to Prosperity

Join us at a special speaking event on public banking featuring author and PBI founder Ellen Brown along with other national leaders in the public banking movement on Friday, March 9, 2018.

Bringing Our Money Home

In Colorado, as in most other states, falling tax receipts have forced our state and and local governments to cut back on public services at the precise moment when their residents and local businesses needed them most. Public banks support Main Street, not Wall Street – by supporting community banks, growing small businesses, creating jobs, and lowering government debt.

LA Times Op-Ed: How a California Public Bank could fix the freeways, send kids to college and ambush Wall Street

The need to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure might provide an opportunity to overcome big bank opposition to public banking. The high cost of building and fixing roads, bridges, airports and the like is only increased by the fees and interest payments charged by private banks and by bond issuers. Public banks could mitigate those costs.

Denver Post Op-Ed: Colorado needs a public bank

In 1729, Benjamin Franklin gave credit to the colonial government of Pennsylvania for restoring prosperity by lending money beginning in 1723. Franklin later blamed Britain’s decision in 1764 to prohibit further lending and printing of paper currency by colonial governments as the chief cause of the Revolution because it rapidly caused widespread unemployment and poverty.

Public Banking Videos

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RMPBI - Rocky Mountain Public Banking Institute

Switzerland, as well as Germany, has a number of publicly owned banks, at the canton (or county) level, which is a factor in their generally solid economy. Now, they are about to consider applying this concept to their central bank.

How is the private international banking cartel--whose central bank of central banks, the Bank of International Settlements, which is located in Basel, Switzerland--going to steal this election?

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