The hub of activity in the world of public banking advocacy is the Public Banking Institute. Founded by the intellectual leader of the movement, Ellen Brown, and now lead by Gwendolyn Hallsmith, the institute coordinates efforts around the nation to establish public banks at the state, tribal, county, and city levels. In addition, for the price of a membership in the organization, it offers educational programs that both help the public understand concepts in the banking world and that help leaders of the movement relate those concepts in an understandable way. We encourage your support of them by becoming a member and learning more about public banking. There is a wealth of information about public banking on their website at: Ellen Brown, retired President of the Public Banking Institute, remains active in the organization as a President Emerita. She is the intellectual leader of the public banking movement, speaking worldwide on the subject. Ellen has written two books on the subject of banking and public banking, Web of Debt and The Public Banking Solution. She publishes frequently on her blog, which is full of information on the topic of banking and our monetary system, and which can be found at: There are many organizations around the nation doing advocacy work for public banking. Some of their websites are listed here: A number of organizations are looking at public banking in the broader context of democracy, social justice, and sustainable economies. We list here some of their pages that deal directly with public banking.